Here is a shot of Reuben - Torrero Gregarious in the foreground racing Winnie - Semajon Artic Girl ( who always wins )and Alma - Villrino Bird of Prey.


below is a shot of Zoe and her daughter Stella Chepantah Zedazest proudly owned by Caroline and Simon Christou.


Here is a shot of 'Stella' taken in spring 2010.


Here's Danny proudly owned by Scott Chandler

Here is a shot taken in spring 2005 in my backyard where the dogs run free, well most of the time, and under supervision of course, where they get to play and chase the ball or whatevers happening, I believe this helps the general health as well as their social skills , I only breed from those with a good temperament, good conformation and cleared of hereditary diseases.





Here is a photo of Lucy with her daughter 'Chilli' whelped June 2005

Here is a shot of my Stella - Chepantah Nefertiti - white bitch in the background and Blossom Chepantah Devil Daughter with Chilli and Nigger

My love of the canine species goes back as far as I can remember till when my parents were involved in the breeding of a litter of purebred Cockerspaniels. I have fond memories growing up from preschool age with the dam of the litter "Mamapapas". Later on we also had a beautiful purebred pure black German Shepherd bitch "Kayla" who I grew up with through to my early adolescent years. As an adult with a young family of my own, I bought a purebred Irish Redsetter "Rastus"as the family pet , then much later in 1986, I bought my first purebred Bull Terrier "Max" after getting to know the breed intimately through a friend who was living with us. I was suitablly impressed with his intuitive intelligence and gregarious personality, he was always an interested and active partner in all our experiences together so much so, I became attached to the breed like I never had with any other breed, then in 1996 I bought my first purebred female Bull Terrier "Kara", Maolmhin Illusions, initially as a family pet though she ultimately became my foundation bitch for my first litter of Bull Terrier puppies whelped in early 1997, the sire was Bullromi White Lightning who's great grandfather on his fathers side was Australian Champion Barglam Nero of Hollyfir ( IMP U.K. ) who sired Monkromony Curtain Call.Then on his mothers side his great grandfather was English Champion Cousin Charlie of Hollyfir (U.K.)

My first Bull Terrier "Max" having a moment at Aldinga Beach 1987

Gemma & Max

Here's Max at Noarlunga Beach circa 1987

Gemma & Max

Here's Max with my Daughter Gemma at Noarlunga Beach circa 1987

Gemma & Max

Here's Max with my Daughter Gemma at Noarlunga Beach circa 1987

Gemma & Max